Hi. I’m Stacy.

This is a blog about stuff
that has happened to me.

I’m Stacy and I invented the blog.

Maybe not exactly — let me explain.

In high school, I loved to tell stories and make people laugh. My friends would say, “you need to write a book.” I’ve always lacked the attention span and commitment required to write a whole book, so instead, I started an underground newsletter. I would write articles, make satirical lists, and incorporate funny pictures. I would cut and paste them (literally — print, cut, tape, photocopy) into a newsletter format and Stuff That Has Happened to Stacy was born.

Over the course of my high school career, the mailing list grew to many students and even a few teachers. I never charged for the newsletter, but some friends even donated paper and stuff as a way to chip in for expenses. When we all went away to college, I tried to keep it going, but even with all my laundry money diverted to postage, the newsletter went under.

But stuff is still happening to me and I still love to make people laugh. I still lack the motivation to write a whole book, so I decided to bring back the newsletter — digitally. I write about my family, my failures, health & nutrition, my faith, and just the crazy stuff I see on a daily basis.

Dig in. And if you’re just here to get the scoop on how I lost nearly 200 pounds and have kept it off for a decade, start here.

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