Often, during one of our jail ministry sessions, one particular inmate out of the group will catch my eye. We had 12 ladies in our group tonight, but one drew my attention, though she was in the opposite corner of the room from me.

She couldn’t sit still, kept shifting her weight, and even moved back and forth from the stool where she sat to the floor. It appeared that she just couldn’t get comfortable. She looked miserable.

She was in my group when we split up for discussion and she had that countenance that says, “I want to talk to you, but if I start talking, I’m going to fall apart.”

I got enough out of her to know that she is 5 days into detoxing from heroin. She was physically ill, in pain, and was fidgeting to try to get comfortable, but also because of the severe anxiety that accompanies what she is going through.

I asked her, “why did you come tonight? Tell me the truth.”

She replied, “just to get out of the block, honestly.”

She might think that’s the only reason, but I believe there is much more to it. I sincerely pray that somehow, something we shared with her tonight would ease her suffering and help her find a new way.

She told me she could possibly be released as early as 1 week from tomorrow. She said, “On one hand, I want to get out so I can get high, but on the other hand, I want to stay here until I kick this.”

But right now, it is kicking her. Hard. The pain in her eyes broke my heart. When I asked each woman in my group how I can pray for her this week, her only prayer requests were for people she loves, not for herself.

And, “K,” I will pray for those heavy on your heart, but you can bet I will be praying for you, too.

Please send up a prayer for, “K,” to get a good night’s sleep tonight, to wake up with significantly less discomfort than she has today, and that she truly can break the chains addiction has on her life.

I can’t get her off my mind…

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